IVC filters are excellent at preventing pulmonary embolism over the short term, but over time they may pose significant risks to the patient without clear benefit. Unless there is a very good reason to keep your retreivable IVC filter in place, it should be removed to avoid these risks. Read the Food and Drug Administration communication regarding the removal of retrievable IVC filters.

I have seen many patients in my practice that have been incorrectly lead to believe that their IVC filter cannot or should not be removed.  I created this site to advocate for patients with IVC filters and to encourage them to seek out more information about their IVC filters.

Don’t take the unnecessary risks of leaving an IVC filter in place that can cause you harm. If you are concerned about your filter or just have questions about your filter in general, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I would be more than happy to answer your general questions about your IVC filter and facilitate removal of your IVC filter if that is the appropriate thing to do.


Frank C. Lynch, MD FSIR